New VKC Video Briefs series highlights research, introduces new products to the public

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The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (VKC) has introduced a new series of short (3-5 minutes), sharable videos on research study opportunities, study results, new toolkits, and online courses available to the public.

VKC Research Briefs are recorded by VKC faculty and staff who are actively recruiting research participants for a new research study, or who are sharing the results of a recent study in a plain language format. The videos are shot using Zoom technology from the safety of the researcher’s home or office and are purposefully short, between 3-5 minutes in length, to make for easier sharing over social media. The researcher speaks in accessible, easy-to-understand terms about the study, including what prompted him/her to explore the topic, goals and outcomes, and participant eligibility requirements. Videos include links to additional information such as a lab website or a contact person’s name and information.

Much like the Research Briefs, VKC Project Briefs are short videos designed to announce new products such as online courses and toolkits created by VKC staff and researchers. Principal investigators share what inspired them to create the product and explain who may benefit from its use. All VKC-sponsored products (unless otherwise indicated) are free to the public, and links to materials are provided.

Current VKC Research Briefs:

Current VKC Project Briefs:

For more information on the VKC Video Briefs Series, contact Elizabeth Turner at 

Elizabeth Turner is associate director for VKC Communications & Dissemination.

Pictured top of page: Julie Lounds Taylor research brief.

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