When should I print?

When beginning a project, it is important to think about the experience of your audience. In print, you’re trying to attract audience attention long enough to get a message across. If the same message can be conveyed to your audience through an email and all your audience uses email, you may consider that as an option. Also consider whether a pdf can be posted on a website or emailed to be downloaded.

Suggested guidelines:

  • Use your best judgment and print only when necessary. This will save money and staff time.
  • If your file doesn’t have much color, consider printing it black and white (b&w).
  • Consider printing 2 pages per sheet.
  • Think about how many total copies you will need.

Once you have determined a quantity:

  • If printing less than 25 b&w or color copies, print in-house.
  • If printing between 25 to 500 color copies, consider other options such as b&w copier, printing 2 per page, or outsourcing.
  • If printing more than 500 b&w or color copies, see below.

Where are the in-house printers for staff?

  • B&W copy machine OMC Bldg Rm 422
  • B&W or color Ricoh printer 1207 17th Ave S Ste 202

Printing more than 500 copies?

It can be less expensive to outsource to a commercial printer when printing larger quantities than maintaining in-house equipment. Contact kylie.muccilli@vumc.org for assistance with press jobs. Time permitting, she can prepare the file for the printer and make sure it’s done accurately.

Popular paper options:

  • 20 lb = used for copier
  • 32/80 lb gloss text = used for fliers, programs, brochures, 2-sided printing with minimal show through
  • 65 lb cover = used for postcards or report covers
  • 80 lb cover = used for cardstock
  • 100 lb cover = used for flat cards or invitations

We stock white paper in VKC graphics for printing items on thicker paper like certificates. This is the only approved thick paper that can be printed in-house. If you are printing more than 25 copies and/or need a heavier paper you will need to outsource.

Possible vendors for outsourcing

Sir Speedy Printing
Phone 615-832-9511 or email risa@sirspeedymusiccity.com
2400 Felts Avenue, Nashville, TN 37211

FedEx Office – West End Avenue Location
Phone 615-327-2120 or email usa0511@fedex.com
Free delivery and Vanderbilt discount
2308 W End Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Robert J Young
Phone 615-515-7316 or email mary.fleenor@rjyoung.com

How do I pay?

  • Find a vendor that is in eProcurement such as those listed above.
  • Get a price quote from them on company letterhead.
  • Get approval from your supervisor to place an order.
  • Once approval has been granted, determine which account and center number are appropriate to charge.
  • Have someone submit the request into eProcurement.
  • VKC staff contact = peggy.chatfield@vumc.org
  • TRIAD contact = mary.dangerfield@vumc.org
  • Email the contact in your department the following and attach the price quote:
  • Requestor’s name, phone, and location
  • Supply source (Ex. FedEx Office on West End)
  • Item name
  • Quote number
  • Quantity
  • Cost
  • Project name/center number (if known)
  • Business purpose
  • If delivery is directly to your address, provide a copy of the receipt or packing slip to the person who submitted the request into eProcurement.

VKC Graphic Services (Core A)

Offers graphic design, photography, assistance in printing larger quantites, and ordering swag merchandise. Jobs are processed in the order they are received. Allow a minimum of 2 weeks turnaround for all requests. A due date will be set at the start of the job. Contact kylie.muccilli@vumc.org.

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