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Insights on education from neuroscience will be the focus of a June 2-3 symposium of interest to educators and other professionals who provide services for school-aged children and youth. Families also are welcome.

Connections between reading and math instruction and neuroscience will be among the featured topics at this third annual symposium, “Neuroscience and Education: The Connection,” which will be held Thursday and Friday, June 2-3, at Currey Ingram Academy, 6544 Murray Lane, Brentwood.

Symposium co-sponsors include the Annette Eskind Institute of Learning at Currey Ingram Academy, Currey Ingram Academy, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, and the Vanderbilt Brain Institute.

This is a one-stop symposium for educators and other professionals to hear about the latest brain research as it relates to education and to learn the most current evidence-based strategies for implementing findings from such research in the classroom. Topics covered will include, but are not limited to, executive function, central auditory processing disorder, attention deficit disorder, brain plasticity, anxiety, reading, language-based learning, and more.

This year’s plenary speakers are Steve Petrill, Ph.D., who will address “Biobehavioral Approaches to Understanding Reading and Math Difficulties,” and Jeanne Wanzek, Ph.D., whose topic is “Understanding Dyslexia and Learning: What Does Current Research Tell Us?”

Petrill, professor of Psychology at The Ohio State University, is leading efforts to examine the genetic and environmental contributions to the development of cognitive skills related to reading, mathematics, language, and attention. These efforts span several projects including the Biology of Language Study, the Western Reserve Reading and Math Projects, as well as newer studies involving neuroimaging and eye-tracking approaches.

Wanzek is the Currey-Ingram Endowed Chair and associate professor of Special Education at Vanderbilt and a VKC member. She conducts research examining effective reading instruction and intervention. Her focus is on prevention and remediation for students with reading difficulties and disabilities.

Session choices on June 2

“Family Accommodation in Children with Anxiety and Depressive Disorders,” David M. Jacobi, Ph.D.

“Behavioral Genetics: Learning Abilities and Disabilities,” Steve Petrill, Ph.D.

“Creating a Calm Classroom: Practical Strategies for Helping Students with Anxiety Within the School Setting,” Miranda Pool, M.Ed., NCC

“Boost Learning and Engagement with Games in the Classroom,” Ginann Franklin, M.A., Danielle Powell, M.Ed., Melissa Powers, M.S.

“Success in the Classroom: View a Model Classroom Using Evidence-Based Methods for Improving Academic Performance and Classroom Behavior,” Jane Hannah, Ed.D., Courtney Gallaher, M.S., OTR/L, Nicki Cullom, M.Ed.

“RTI Basics and Implementation Lessons,” Carol Hendlmyer, Lauren Goodpaster Bauer

“Assistive Technology in Education,” Kristie Huff

Session choices on June 3

“Incorporating Social Emotional Learning into Daily Instruction,” Debbie McAdams, M.A., Kyla Krengel, M.A.

“Intensive Reading Interventions for Elementary Students Struggling with Reading,” Jeanne Wanzek, Ph.D.

“New Insights on Stress Management and Personal Growth for Parents,” Elisabeth Dykens, Ph.D.

“Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Math Instruction,” Bethany Rittle-Johnson, Ph.D.

“The Relationship Between Character Development of a Growth Midset, Grit, and Self-Control and Enhanced Academic Performance,” ShannonElders, M.S., CCC-SLP

“Promoting the Acquisition of Math Facts Using Games,” Danielle Barton, Ed.D.

Registration is $200 for professionals, $175 each for groups of three or more, and $100 for students. Space is limited. Breakfast and lunch are included for both days. Participants will receive a professional development certificate. Note: there are no discounts for partial or one-day registration.

Visit to register by May 15, or until capacity is reached.

Elizabeth Turner is VKC Communications coordinator.

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